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♻ Over One Million Pounds Recycled ♻

Here at Surplus Coatings our motto is "Every Pound Matters" and that is a motto we take to heart. Our staff has been working hard with many new companies around the United States this month to offer recycling services. This task is HUGE. Think of all the companies out there that make products requiring power coating. Now if they don't recycle their waste powder, where does it go? Yes, the landfill.

During the month of July we recycled 528,530 pounds of waste powder coating! If you add both June and July together that is over 1 MILLION pounds saved from the landfills. If your reading this right now and have been sending your powder to the landfills...STOP.

Give us a quick call, drop us an email, or fill out the form online. It's a super easy and fast process to make your company Green. No matter how much you use. No matter what company you purchase your powder coating from we can recycle for you. Now go ahead contact us. Only you can take the step to help reduce waste and keep it out of the landfills!

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